To complete a degree programme requires you learn between 7,000 and 10,000 fluency units (words, conjugations, phrases etc). For this post I identified that I have learned 12,156 fluency units of French. To maintain my ability to use all my French in conversation, I prefer to review each item at least once per year. That may sound like a lot of review but it is a fraction under 34 items per day. At an average of 4 seconds per review, I am able to maintain my French in reasonably pristine condition in under 3 minutes per day. And I could be tested on any of that French on any day without warning and achieve a score of 90% or better – no cramming required.

Three minutes is less time than it takes to watch one batch of adverts on the television, or to smoke one cigarette, to watch the news or read an average magazine or newspaper article. In fact, if I bundled all my reviews together and did them once per week, that would be 21 minutes which is less time than most people lay in on a Sunday.

As a Total Fluency System user for over 6 years now, I’m left with a question – is it worth 3 minutes per day to maintain my French in relatively pristine condition? For me? “Absolutely! I love being able to speak such a beautiful language”. For you – what would the answer be? Would you like to able to maintain a language to degree level in 3 minutes per day? If you would be satisfied with just B2 (broad conversation level) then you’d only need 90 seconds – each day or circa 10 minutes per week.

Before you learn your next language ask yourself this question – “Do I plan to retain this ability permanently?” If you only want the language temporarily it doesn’t matter how you learn it, but if you still want to be able to speak it 2,5,10, 20 years in the future then you need the right process from the start. And I unashamedly state that the Total Fluency System is the right system for that goal. It is the most time-efficient system we know of for gaining and maintaining linguistic ability. Hence why we say “Total Fluency – Language Learning for Busy People.”