It is now possible for those of you who have used our app for more than two months and who have a Total Fluency tutor – to “bring forward” reviews from the next seven days and review them today. Why might you do this?

  • You have extra free time one day a week – maybe on Saturday or Sunday
  • You are about to make a train journey and you’re looking for something useful and convenient to do
  • You don’t want to get behind. You know tomorrow will be busy. You’d rather do more today and less tomorrow
  • You find one longer session and 6 shorter ones each week suits your style
  • You always like to be “ahead of the curve”

As you know timing of reviews is critical. The very sophisticated application of that idea is one of the three cornerstones of our method and part of why the Total Fluency system is so effective. Our new “Bring Forwards” feature is timing aware and will only change the timing of reviews where that change is non-destructive.

I’m now enjoying French Fridays, Spanish Saturdays and Spaghetti Sundays. I get to do more on the days when my brain is calmer and can more easily focus effectively. I also get to focus more on Thai during the week – which I enjoy (My Thai is now going sufficiently well that people will frequently say they can observe my rate of improvement).

If you’d like to enjoy “French Fridays” or “Spanish Saturdays” ask your Total Fluency coach to show you how it’s done. And if you are not yet using the Total Fluency system – well, here is one more reason to do so. Designed with your convenience and success in mind.