We’ve been having yet another interesting experience recently with the clients we coach one on one. It turns out that it is not unusual for a person to have a knowledge of a language where they have quite a lot of fairly advanced stuff and are missing super basic stuff; one reason they find speaking more difficult than they would like. That is the state they arrive in.

That gave us a dilemma. How do we get them to de-perforate their knowledge without having to start right at the beginning and find life tedious. The answer has been the addition of our newest feature – our coached clients have access to two new buttons, so they can start at the beginning and mark a word as “new” or “known” or “well known”. This way, they can rapidly build an accurate knowledge of their total vocabulary and their newly acquired vocabulary and not have to go through the unnecessarily repetitive process of treating an old familiar word as though they saw it today for the first time.

This is just the latest way in which we are helping our clients be thorough and yet maximise the value of their time on the Total Fluency system. We are all about getting from A to B and we’re excited to have found another valid and non-destructive short-cut.