The GCSE curriculum (A2) is based on a theoretical vocabulary of 2,000 words. I know a young man who just received a distinction in this speaking exam while only knowing 831 of those 2,000 words.

So now completing 40% of a curriculum gets you a distinction. Nice standards!

Either the GCSE examining boards are totally lying about what is required, presumably in order to look credible, the examiner on the day has either lost their mind or the examining standards have become so low that that – completing 40% of a curriculum is worthy of a distinction.

Just how exactly are students who actually work hard and behave sensibly meant to distinguish themselves? I could have accepted a pass. Perhaps he got lucky on the day. Perhaps his examiner was in an especially good mood. Perhaps the questions suited him, Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. But if someone with only 40% of a curriculum can get a distinction, not just a pass, it tells me that something is very seriously wrong with the state of public education. With how little knowledge could he have scraped a pass.

How long before people realise that this Educational Emperor has no clothes? Certainly, I now consider these pieces of paper to be valueless on their own.