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About Us

Total Fluency helps organisations and individuals achieve better language learning results with less stress.  This is achieved through the use of accelerated language learning techniques and is most reliably achieved by focusing on the removal of wasted time.  The saved time can remove the need for cramming, provide teachers the freedom to not just teach to the test but to build engaging and topical lessons and or provide enhanced academic results, clear value add and increase the desirability of your students for the next step in the academic process.  This type of change must flow from the top downwards, so we only provide teacher and student training after we have worked with senior management to build a realistic and implementable vision for language learning at their school.

Areas of Expertise

Accelerated Learning

The removal of wasted time in a learning process, facilitating an increased rate of progress, acheiving better results with less stress.


We have lectured to over 65,000 students world-wide, at private schools in the UK, France & Canada including Benenden, Roedean, Gordonstoun, Cheltenham Ladies College, CharterHouse, Moreton Hall.

Vision building

In order to implement a new system, technology or ethos, a clear vision is required.

Curriculum optimisation

Ensuring students learn the right things, in the right order can make significant time savings and is a critical component of Accelerated Language Learning.

Group & Individual tuition

At Total Fluency, we are not just consultants we are also students and teachers, ensuring we truly understand the current challenges faced by teachers and students alike.

Teacher training

Total Fluency offered professional development training in Accelerated Language Learning, usually as part of a Implementing ALL package.

Bruce Balmer, Founder Director

Bruce speaks 5 languages and has been a headmaster, private tutor, provided SEN and CPD training, lectured to over 350 private schools in the UK, France & Canada including Benenden, Roedean, Gordonstoun, Cheltenham Ladies College, CharterHourse, Moreton Hall etc. and lectured to 65,000+ students world-wide. He has taught accelerated language learning in adult education where his average feedback per lesson was 9.2 / 10.  Bruce is a keen golfer with a single figures handicap and enjoys travel and sports.

Chrissi Barton, Founder Director

Chrissi speaks 3 languages and is an experienced entrepreneur specialising in creative problem solving, strategic thinking, training and language learning.  She is a qualified project manager and app programmer, with a keen interest in operational clarity and high quality technical expertise.  Chrissi enjoys surfing, climbing and golf, and runs a Scout group for children with disabilities in East Sussex (www.2ndchaileyscouts.com).

The Team


Mr. Balmer is a person of exceptional motivational qualities; his witty and invigorating speaking style is captivating; his capacity to develop ideas and look afresh at old problems is equally impressive.

Jonathan Forster

Principal, Moreton Hall

I personally both enjoyed and learnt a great deal from Bruce’s lecture and have modified my teaching techniques (a major step after 15 years!). I have tried this “faster” approach to learning and found that to a mixed ability 5th Form group I taught the whole syllabus on genetics (I am a Biologist) in 1 lesson. This is the hardest and potentially the most difficult of topics and colleagues routinely labour through it for a term. Even more surprising was their mark in the subsequent test where the average mark was over 90%; quite remarkable. As a group they have retained this knowledge and out performed their contemporaries in the mock GCSE.

Tim Dingle

Deputy Headmaster, Mill Hill School

My daughters teacher said “your French is amazing”.

Oliver Clarke

Satisfied Parent

As a result of the six one-hour sessions I have gone from the bottom of my French set to the top in about a two-month period.

Michael Simpson


Bruce’s innovative techniques for learning significantly changed my academics, which has impacted my whole life. I have been awarded a scholarship for the highest mark in the Science and Technology faculty of Mount Royal College, along with being placed on the Dean’s list with a GPA over 3.9 and accepted into Chiropractic College. The amazing this is that I am performing at a near 90-100% level at school at much lower stress level because I don’t have to cram for exams, since I have near total recall of the content.

Luke Rudmik


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