Learn a language in 15 minutes per day

Accelerated Language Learning

To reach GCSE level in a modern language traditionally takes around 600 hours of lessons and over 5 years (2-3 hours per week).  To reach the same standard or higher using the Total Fluency method takes just 100 hours and can be completed in as little as 6 months.

Successful Fluency Fast

The Total Fluency method not only accelerates language learning but also GUARANTEES success.  GCSE results demonstrate that only 10% of students achieve above 70% when tested.  However more than 95% of Total Fluency students following the program achieve 80% or better (A grade) when tested.

Flexible Delivery

Traditional classroom learning requires a fairly rigid schedule as well as travel to and from classes.  The Total Fluency approach is a combination of 80% self-study using a smart phone or tablet, and 20% one to one web-based tuition or webinar attendance, allowing the lesson schedule to fit your schedule.

Motivation & Fluency

The most important factor in staying motivated while learning a language is your rate of progress and the development of genuine fluency of speech.  The greater rate of progress achieved by our students and their higher performance when tested are both factors that support sustained motivation. In short, doing well is simply more fun than doing less well.

Choose the right program for you

Language Learning for Busy People

For busy people who don't have time to waste or need a flexible schedule. Whether you're learning for love, work or fun, you will be able to communicate with confidence and ease in your new language in just 12 months, by committing only 15 minutes per day.

Better Grades, Less Stress

For language students who would like to improve their grades, reduce time required for homework, or eliminate performance anxiety. The Total Fluency Program is extra curricular and only requires 5 minutes per day. All students will see grade improvement within a term.

English Classroom Readiness

For international students the two most important things when joining a new school are understanding your lessons and making new friends. In this 100 day program, (whatever the starting point) the student will achieve the necessary English language skills to achieve both in just 1 hour per day.

Remedial Language Tuition

For SEN students or any student struggling with  language classes.  Remedial tuition GUARANTEES the student will improve by at least one grade in the first term.  Every remedial student is allocated a Total Fluency coach who will work with them to acquire the skills required.  The Total Fluency Program is extra curricular and only requires 20 minutes per day. 

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Mother of Fred

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