Real Fluency Fast

Helping language learners achieve real fluency is our focus. For us, real fluency begins when a person can “chat” with people and express themselves on any reasonable topic communicating thoughts and feelings with ease and confidence. The value of reaching real fluency is that this is the point where speaking another language is fun – and getting there is not as hard as you might expect with the right tools and the right curriculum. Being able to chat with and understand a native speaker who wishes to be understood, is the key to sustaining a language for life

Better Grades with Less Stress


An extra curricular language programme, guaranteed to deliver an increase of one grade per term for any final year GCSE student at any grade.  Operating outside of school, Total Fluency complements school lessons.  Learning is delivered through a series of webinars and the world-class Total Fluency app, which combines personalised learning and smart phone technology to deliver all the advantages of targeted private tuition to the student’s pocket.

Language Learning for Busy People

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Always wanted to learn a language but never had the time.  After graduating from our 2 hour workshop you will be able to achieve REAL fluency in just 10 months requiring just 10 minutes per day using a combination of the techniques taught, the understanding of how and why linguists learn languages faster than non-linguists and with the support of the world-class Total Fluency app.

Independent Private Education in Asia

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Good ability in English language is an important skill for any child educated at an International School.  The Total Fluency method of teaching English achieves real fluency, ensuring every student can communicate with ease and confidence.  Not only does the Total Fluency method get great results but it is extremely time efficient.  A Total Fluency student will complete an iGCSE in just 100 hours of lesson-time, compared to 600 hours when using conventional methods.

Total Fluency are partnering with schools across Asia to ensure that every student attending or planning to attend a private international school gets the maximum benefit from their experience and can go to higher education in the UK or USA.

The Total Fluency Method

Total Fluency – bringing ‘personalised language learning’ to your phone / tablet.  If you want to learn a language in a simple, efficient, positive environment, you have come to the right place.

With Total Fluency you will achieve maximum improvement in language ability per hour.  Based on the pioneering research of a world record holder in speed learning, tested against 7 languages and users from age 5 to 65 – the method works for everyone because it is founded on core linguistic principles and established accelerated learning techniques.

What is the method based on?

Results & convenience. A knowledge of linguistics, the learning of 6 different languages by our in-house linguists, knowledge and experience of accelerated learning methods and philosophy, lecturing to over 60,000 students, private tutoring, the teaching of accelerated learning classes to advanced and special needs students in groups and individually.  A profound understanding of how the mind acquires and retains knowledge used to set a world record in speed learning.  The Total Fluency team have thrown theory ‘out the window’ and trust only measurable results, tracking the performance of users with unprecedented precision.  The average Total Fluency user achieves a mark of 87% when tested.

language learning for busy people

One GCSE student rose from the bottom of his class to the top of that class in a two month period and went on to be described as a natural linguist during his “A” levels at college.

A language teacher in Canada used the system to produce a 10% performance improvement in her class in one month.

Our lead Alchemy linguist learned the equivalent of three degrees worth of French in a two year period, in only one and a quarter hours per day.

Another Alchemy linguist learned Spanish to conversational fluency in just two weeks.