People who finally decide to study accelerated learning are highly likely at the end of the first 2 hours to say “why wasn’t I taught this at school?” I really have no idea. I wish I had been. I think you ought to have been. But people are not and the field remains esoteric to this day, almost 40 years after I started studying it and 30 years after I started publicising it and demonstrating it to England’s better private schools.

How effective is it really? If it’s just 10% better then who cares – neither wonder it is isn’t taught. But what if it were able to double or treble students’ rate of progress through a course? Wouldn’t that be worth knowing?

I wish to improve my Italian at the moment. I’m at about the level of a very strong “A” level student but still reading Harry Potter gives me a bit more trouble than I want. So to help my reading and listening ability, during November, I am going to advance my Italian as far as a university student does during their entire language degree. I’ll be learning an additional 4,500 words and the grammar to support that. I shall try to mirror their progress over 30 months using just November. Instead of studying 4-8 hours per day I will study not more than 2 hours each day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could complete your language degree in your first month at university and then just relax and take things easy for the balance of your time there? Or save the tens of thousands in fees and just take an external degree equivalent exam recognised across Europe or just work 2 hours per month and still achieve an honours degree?

I love accelerated learning because it makes the “impossible” possible. Follow my story – see for yourself the remarkable power of accelerated learning and learn more about language learning as we go along. Well… not just language learning but ACCELERATED language learning.

I start on November 1st. See you then.