5 days completed, 750 words of Italian learned (150 per day as promised). To put that in perspective it is significantly more progress than a GCSE student makes in a year. But unlike the GCSE because I am expanding my vocabulary very quickly it is exciting. I look forward to every new day for the chance to learn more. In fact, right this minute I am having to restrain myself from learning more. Can you remember a time when language learning was that exciting? The faster you improve the more motivating it is.

It’s worth picking up the skill that makes this possible first BEFORE you start a language programme because you never get a second chance to get off to a good start and a good start will help you stay enthusiastic throughout. Now of course, the obvious question people always ask me is “well, are you remembering those words or just learning them”. Do you mind if I answer that in my next post? it’s a bit late here in Thailand and I want to be fresh for tomorrow so I can learn another 150 words?