Good morning! So my plan was to add 150 new words of Italian each day during November. That is around the amount added during a degree, learned in a month but that is a conversation for another day.

The lives of adults do not always run smoothly due to the many demands on their time. By yesterday, the 15th, I was due to have added 2,250 words during November – in fact, I had added only 600. Very annoying! Very frustrating! Imagine you were that far behind at university, you’d be sunk. Fortunately, I have a backup plan for if my plan goes wrong. My daily goal is a little less than 10% of my maximum ability. You need a plan like that too – because things have a habit of going sideways from time to time.

Being annoyed with the whole situation I decided to catch up in one day. So yesterday (Sunday) I learned 1,650 new words of Italian putting me right back on schedule.

And to answer the question from the previous post about recall over time – I test 10-20 words every day selected at random from ALL material previously learned. Naturally, as I am a human and not a computer my scores vary from day to day. My scores range between 80-100% recall and average about 90% – more than the requirement for an A*.

OK – I am back on schedule. Now perhaps I can post some interesting thoughts about the process of learning language in general and my Italian in particular.