Headline Translation: Finally, I have found a method to learn Thai efficiently.

How incredibly exciting. Sometimes when I can’t solve a problem elegantly and quickly I just use persistence to out endure the problem. I am now absolutely confident that I can learn Thai at 10 words per day and leave time to move my Spanish up from its current B2 to C2.

I’m going to go right back to the beginning with my Thai because while I can communicate reasonably well, I have never felt the sense of confidence and certainty with my Thai that I enjoy with other languages. I have particularly struggled with tones and unfortunately getting them spot on is hugely important in Thai – more so than a westerner might reasonably expect. But instead of rushing, I’m just going to take a nice steady pace and make my final trip through learning Thai a relaxing and pleasant experience.

As for Spanish – I’ll create a project to go from B2 to C2 and write it up here so you can share in the ideas that always get generated when working on some specific language goal.