I am warming up to relearn my Thai starting in June. At present I am finishing a curriculum for myself that will have taken 50 hours to complete but which reduces the time my learning will require by 200 or more hours and more importantly make sure I am successful. What’s next? Before getting serious about the content I have to learn, my first goal in June will be to test my new approach. Initially, my total focus will be on getting the learning method right for this language. We’ll know the method is a good one when I can learn 10 words per day (so about 200 days to complete a Thai B2 (conversation level) curriculum, repeat the words correctly when tested and confidently define the tone correctly at least 90% of the time. I’ll be documenting what works and what doesn’t for the benefit of other Thai learners and trying to extract the principles used and show how they can be applied to other languages.

You might be interested to know that whether you were learning a GCSE, A Level or a university degree course – you have no requirement to go any faster than 10 words per day assuming only that you remember what you learn.