Congratulations to Chrissi. She recently completed a day of reviews and got 99% right. That 99% was her score across over 60 reviews, combining material from everything she has learned so far for French and Spanish and which is tested without prior revision – in other words, is an accurate reflection of her true knowledge.

Not to mislead anyone, let me state 3 things for the record:

  1. This is an atypical score – more usual would be around 90%
  2. Chrissi is an expert user of our system and has been for many years now
  3. Chrissi is human and has bad days too. Although a bad day is still in the 80’s

By making the retention of knowledge central to our system rather than the acquisition of knowledge, we are able to achieve very high performance in comparison with standard academic result as you can see above. By making efficiency central to our method, Chrissi is now able to maintain her languages in excellent condition while investing less than 10 mins each day. By making motivation and convenience central to our method, Chrissi has been able to maintain the sort of consistent long term effort that produces results like these.

Congratulations, CB! This one is going to be tough to beat!