Learning a language is a marathon not a sprint. Any activity that must be engaged in repetitively over a long period of time benefits from habits. The most important habit I formed re language learning was consistently learning and reviewing every day FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. I don’t manage that 100% of the time but I’m close. On the days I don’t get it done first thing there is a 50% chance it won’t happen at all or it will happen last thing when my powers of concentration are low because I am tired after a working day.

I can’t recommend to you enough to find a consistent trigger (for me waking up, for you perhaps your first cup of coffee) and complete your learning and reviews during that time – immediately, without thought. That is the recipe for success. That makes the whole thing easy.

We always wonder if something just applies to us or does the same thing apply to most people. From observations and discussions with the people who receive our personal input it is absolutely clear that this is the most valuable aid you can create for your learning. The same time, the same trigger every day. It doesn’t have to be first thing, it could be always on the train on the way home BUT as a general rule earlier seems to work better for most people.

With the right habits you are 50% of the way to success.