Bruce Balmer

World record in speed learning, languages (English, French, Spanish, Thai, German), former headmaster, lecturer, special needs tutor, international speaker

Chrissi Barton

PRINCE2 qualified project manager, languages (English, French, Spanish), programmer, entrepreneur, training design & delivery

About Us

Although the Total Fluency system has been helping people learn languages for over 20 years, Chrissi & Bruce only recently launched the Total Fluency app in 2015.  Since then the Total Fluency app has helped many people learn a language, with every user, without exception, achieving A-grade performance when tested with ages ranging from 5 to 65 years old.

Over the years, the Total Fluency team have provided:

  • Training in adult education, business, special needs
  • Professional development training for educators
  • International conference speaking (UK, France, Canada)
  • Lectures to over 300 private schools in Britain including Roedean, Harrogate Ladies College, Cheltenham Ladies College, Charterhouse.

The History

At age 16 Bruce Balmer was branded as a linguistic dunce by his French teacher and denied the opportunity to continue French onto A’Level. Just 5 years later, Bruce started to wonder if this was really true? Surely there must be a way of getting a language to stick in his mind, after all he could speak English (his native tongue). An interest in the way the mind works led him to study various techniques including one used by the military to teach language to spies during the war – a matter of life & death! Bit by bit, using his own and others experiences and using only evidence based systems, Bruce pieced together the basis for what we know today as the Total Fluency system.

In the following year’s Bruce used the Total Fluency system to work with dyslexia centres, to help school children go from the bottom to the top of their class, and he spoke to over 60,00 students and teachers at many of the world’s leading schools in the UK, Canada and America. Bruce learned French to simultaneous translation level, receiving a standing ovation for his 60 minute presentation in French (with no notes), and achieved a world record for learning 2000 words of Swedish in just 18 hours.

Whilst many benefitted from the Total Fluency system in the 90s, the world was not yet ready thus the system was put on a mental shelf. Nearly 20 years later, Bruce has dusted the idea off and with the help of his business partner Chrissi, has brought the system into the 21st century delivering this powerful learning system via hand-held devices to a world where learning no longer requires a classroom and a blackboard.