Better Grades, Less Stress

Based on a language program in the 1990’s converting “E” grade students to “A” grade students and “C” grade students to “A*” students, the Better Grades Less Stress program is designed to support a student who is presently in a language learning programme at school, college or university.

The introductory webinar works with students to establish the rate of improvement needed to achieve academic goals and the app’s built in tracking ensures the student is on target for success.

As ability improves, the time needed for homework is dramatically reduced, the need for last minute exam cramming is eliminated, grades rise.  With that comes enjoyment, confidence, and a virtuous upward spiral leading to quality academic outcomes in less time and, just as importantly, with less stress.

What to Expect

  • Smart-phone app with embedded artificial intelligence
  • World class curriculum
  • Individualised in-app coaching
  • Optional additional one to one tuition (extra cost) if desired
  • Ultra-precise built in progress tracking
  • Evaluation quizzes to establish academic performance
  • Expert tuition on accelerated language learning techniques via webinar

Time commitment

This depends on your academic goals and how long you are studying for.  Typically a student using the app for at least 5 minutes per day will see an improvement of one grade per term. A once monthly 30 minute webinar provides a forum for every student to ask questions and acquire new techniques.

Payment Terms

The Better Grades Less Stress program is designed to deliver a grade improvement per term.  The program costs £250 per term payable in advance.  

Payments can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

* Specials terms available for groups.  Please contact us for details.