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Bruce Balmer

Bruce speaks 6 languages and has been a headmaster, private tutor, provided SEN and CPD training, lectured to over 350 private schools in the UK, France & Canada including Benenden, Roedean, Gordonstoun, Cheltenham Ladies College, CharterHourse, Moreton Hall etc. and lectured to 65,000+ students world-wide. He has taught accelerated language learning in adult education where his average feedback per lesson was 9.2 / 10.  

Bruce helps  people feel the same excitement about learning a language that they felt when they started.

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Why the mania for speed?

What does it matter if a person wants to take their time to learn a language, to have fun with it, to pass the time with it. In theory there is nothing wrong with that idea. In practice it is a dishonest idea. Let's say you asked about the "brow of the hill", the earliest point at which it is more fun than work to maintain your language. One early point might be texting with a friend. It's very hard to find texting fun with under 1200 words of a language because there is almost nothing that...

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When you absolutely positively have to succeed

You don't need to join a class to successfully learn a language though you may want to do so for social reasons. There is so much information on the web you could easily use and it's free. Or you could do what I did when I learned French, I just bought three books, a dictionary, a university reference grammar book and a book of common phrases and idioms and learned the contents. But when you absolutely definitely need or want to succeed, you should be starting somewhere else entirely. As has...

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Ed-Psyche reports are generally junk

Over the years I've been asked to read quite a few Ed-Psyche reports. Without exception they have been absolutely rubbish. That is both shocking and tragic as it misleads educators and disadvantages pupils. How is it possible for "professionals" to be so consistently wrong? Here is one example from my files and while it is just one story, it is consistent with all the other Ed-Psyche reports I have read. Female age 7 - Both her biological parents had died recently, her father when she was...

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The Brow of the Hill – reading.

If you wish to maintain your fluency once achieved and you are human then "the brow of the hill" is an extremely important concept. The brow of the hill is where maintaining the language you have learned is more fun than it is work. People say it is hard to do things regularly. Not so - ask any alcoholic. On a related if less severe topic - I like chocolate. Throughout my life I have made a consistent effort to locate, purchase, unwrap, chew and swallow chocolate. I have never faltered. So we...

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