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Bruce Balmer

Bruce speaks 6 languages and has been a headmaster, private tutor, provided SEN and CPD training, lectured to over 350 private schools in the UK, France & Canada including Benenden, Roedean, Gordonstoun, Cheltenham Ladies College, CharterHourse, Moreton Hall etc. and lectured to 65,000+ students world-wide. He has taught accelerated language learning in adult education where his average feedback per lesson was 9.2 / 10.  

Bruce helps  people feel the same excitement about learning a language that they felt when they started.

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Wow! Congratulations

Congratulations to Chrissi. She recently completed a day of reviews and got 99% right. That 99% was her score across over 60 reviews, combining material from everything she has learned so far for French and Spanish and which is tested without prior revision - in other words, is an accurate reflection of her true knowledge. Not to mislead anyone, let me state 3 things for the record: This is an atypical score - more usual would be around 90%Chrissi is an expert user of our system and has been...

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The Total Fluency method is a thing of power and great beauty.

To complete a degree programme requires you learn between 7,000 and 10,000 fluency units (words, conjugations, phrases etc). For this post I identified that I have learned 12,156 fluency units of French. To maintain my ability to use all my French in conversation, I prefer to review each item at least once per year. That may sound like a lot of review but it is a fraction under 34 items per day. At an average of 4 seconds per review, I am able to maintain my French in reasonably pristine...

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The power of focus

Thai progress. By finding the right area of focus and the right exercises with which to deploy that focus - my Thai is on a sudden upward trajectory (certainly compared to its former trajectory). Progress is: 1 - Reading speed has doubled 2 - The ease with which I am reading has massively increased 3 - With the above two - my willingness to spend time reading Thai has increased. A good tutor / language coach will be able to help you focus on the areas where improvement will render the largest...

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Putting the excitement back into language learning?

Do you remember how enthusiastic you were the day BEFORE you decided to learn a language? Do you remember how enthusiastic and excited you were the day you started? The sense of rapid progress. The vision of sitting in a pub or restaurant with a glass of wine and talking to people from that country about life. The fun you imagined you'd have. For most people that excitement and enthusiasm decays with time. Progress slows, confusions mounts, frustrations start to intrude. At some point you...

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Are you trying too hard?

Why do children love to play? Maybe it is because play is fun. But perhaps there is a more important purpose and so kids have evolved to like playing because those that liked it the most were the most successful at acquiring skills. Playing and a playful atmosphere provide the perfect learning environment. By combining motivation to succeed with an environment in which it is safe to "fail", plus clear and immediate feedback - 4 important learning resources are provided: 1 - An emotional reward...

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