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Bruce Balmer

Bruce speaks 6 languages and has been a headmaster, private tutor, provided SEN and CPD training, lectured to over 350 private schools in the UK, France & Canada including Benenden, Roedean, Gordonstoun, Cheltenham Ladies College, CharterHourse, Moreton Hall etc. and lectured to 65,000+ students world-wide. He has taught accelerated language learning in adult education where his average feedback per lesson was 9.2 / 10.  

Bruce helps  people feel the same excitement about learning a language that they felt when they started.

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The Random Walk

There's a thing in statistics that goes like this. Take a dice, throw the dice 100 times after ignoring any time you throw a 5 or a 6. Starting from the centre of a piece of graph paper move upwards one square if you throw a 1, downwards one square if you throw a 2, left one square for 3 and right one square for four. Where will you be at the end of your 100 throws? The intuitive answer is right back where you started. The correct answer is the square root of the number of throws from the...

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What we think of reading in a foreign language

It's a wonderful thing to do. Great for realising how much you are progressing. Fabulous for making your language learning feel "real", wonderful for picking up the rhythm and flow of the language. Terrible as a way of picking up vocabulary. Why? Because it is brutally time in-efficient as a way to do that. Obviously, I am now addressing our target market, specifically individuals usually quite successful with little time to spare. If you have lots of time to spare - read. It's good for you....

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Why we recommend learning 10 fluency units per day

Experience. Firstly, 10 fluency units per day is fast enough (we mean 10 fluency units per day NET not gross). Fast enough to blast through a whole GCSE curriculum in less than a year. Fast enough to blast through an 'A' level curriculum in less than a year (assuming you already completed the GCSE before you start). And fast enough to complete a degree course in half the time given. So 10 is fast, 10 per day is an EXCELLENT performance - make no mistake about it. Leaving behind exam courses,...

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Translation ability after 15 hours

You met Freja in a recent post, a student studying French with Total Fluency.  Here is a recent translation by Freja which will give you an idea of her current ability...  Je m’appelle Jessica. Je suis une fille, je suis française et j’ai treize ans. Je vais à l’école à Nice, mais j’habite à Cagnes-Sur-Mer. J’ai deux frères. Le premier s’appelle Thomas, il a quatorze ans. Le second s’appelle Yann et il a neuf ans. Mon papa est italien et il est fleuriste. Ma mère est allemande et est...

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Thai’s resistance is crumbling

I thought I would post the good news. I am now scoring 94-96% retention on my Thai reviews. The words are sticking (at last), the tones are sticking (at last). I'm expanding my vocabulary by 10 words per day but having done that successfully for about 3 months now, I shall risk all and increase to 12. If 12 is cool I'll go up from there to either 15 or 20 per day. I'd like to finish with a couple of months of 20 words per day - it's a very respectable rate of progress. Cracking Thai has been...

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