Language Learning for Busy People

Anyone who is going to successfully learn a language knows and accepts that they will have to make a disciplined effort for a sustained period of time. But as a busy person you want everything possible done to increase your chances of success and to make sure it takes no more time than necessary.  It is generally accepted that to reach real fluency, a good student studying a European language will need about 600 hours of lessons, plus homework.  Total Fluency students acquire that same ability in just 150 hours, sometimes less and our customer say the 450 hours saved is worth every penny!

By attending the Total Fluency workshop you will:
  •  learn what it is that linguists know that lets them learn faster than non-linguists
  •  learn the accelerated learning techniques used by someone who learned 2,000 words of Swedish in 18 hours
  •  learn how to develop fluency as opposed to just vocabulary and grammar
  •  how to use the world class Total Fluency app to organise your learning and provide a tutor in your pocket
  •  how to use SMART goal setting with your learning programme and the Total Fluency app
  •  how to develop confidence and avoid inhibition during language learning
  •  how to work with save money, time and improve results when working with language tutors
  •  how and why for most people investing more than 15 minutes per day is counter-productive and thus why it is so important to get the most out of each minute you put in


  • £950


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  • Attend 2 hour ‘kick-off’ workshop
  • 10 minutes EVERY day (on the bus, while walking home, alone or with a friend)
  • Motivation (are you learning for work, for love, or just for fun)
  • A sense of fun and a sense of adventure!

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