Language Learning for Busy People

Designed especially for busy people, this programme concentrates on building genuine conversational fluency in the least possible amount of time. The program is based on “smart” goals, is ultra-modern, super-efficient and most important of all – it works.

The Total Fluency method is a significant departure from what you are used to  – simpler, less confusing, less tedious, less repetitive and more effective. It has to be different in order to save so much time and still get fantastic results.

With total fluency you don’t need to start a natural linguist to achieve exceptional results. The program follows work started in the 1990’s to help ordinary people to get extraordinary results. Total Fluency uses ultra-modern accelerated learning techniques to facilitate rapid assimilation, artificial intelligence to customise the learning for each student and 15 minute lessons to improve pronunciation & listening.

What to Expect

  • Smart-phone app with embedded artificial intelligence
  • World class curriculum
  • 80% app-based with individualised in-app coaching
  • 20% lesson-based with your coach / native speaker
  • Ultra-precise built in progress tracking
  • Learning and evaluation quizzes
  • Expert tuition on accelerated language learning techniques

Time commitment

Typically students will complete the Language Learning for Busy People in 12 months, spending 15 minutes per day.  However your Total Fluency coach will help you tailor your program to your schedule – make it 30 minutes / day for 6 months or 60 minutes / day for 3 months.  At the end of the program, you can easily maintain your language skills in just 3 minutes / day.


“For me the beauty of the system is the words learn themselves, all I have to do is commit 20mins a day, oh, and have ...


“An amazing use of modern technology! Personalised learning is catching on fast and once you have used one of these systems you will understand that ...


“Finally a system that actually works, that delivers learning at a rate I’ve never experienced before, and that gives you genuine long term recall and ...


“I’ve been learning new languages for a number of years.  I’ve found that the key to being understood and understanding is having a broad enough ...


“I’ve been using the Total fluency app for eighteen months. It’s a highly efficient learning system, rather than a dictionary or language resource. I find ...


“Learning with the Total Fluency app is easy and uncomplicated, packed with content, well designed and encourages the user to dip into learning on a ...


“I have been using the Total Fluency method for a few months now and I have been amazed with how much my Portuguese has improved ...


“It has been quite an experience and I know that I couldn’t have made anything like the progress I have without your app. It has ...

Payment Terms

The Language Learning for Busy People program delivers 100 hours of app & tutor led tuition for £950.00 (equivalent to £9.50 per hour).

Our split payment option allows you to pay the first installment of £500 at the end of your initial 1 hour lesson.  The second installment of £500 is due after 30 days. At this point you are entitled to a no-risk, money-back guarantee if you have been following the program but are not making the progress required.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card.

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