As a result of the six one-hour sessions I have gone from the bottom of my French to the top in about a two-month period. 

Michael Simpson, Surrey

I enjoy the convenience of dipping in and out of the app, it’s amazing how many words you can get learn whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!

Laurie Beddows, Brighton

My 4 year old son Fred could choose his own words to build into the app, choosing things we could see on our way to school, making his learning fun and building great associations with the words we learnt.  At 4, Fred was learning 2 per day, over the year keeping up with the learning of a GCSE student.

Mother of Fred, Shoreham

His innovative techniques for learning significantly changed my academics, which has impacted my whole life. I have been awarded a scholarship for the highest mark in the Science and Technology faculty of Mount Royal College, along with being placed on the Dean’s list with a GPA over 3.9 and accepted into Chiropractic College. The amazing this is that I am performing at a near 90-100% level at school at much lower stress level because I don’t have to cram for exams, since I have near total recall of the content.

Luke Rudmik, Calgary, Canada

I didn’t like French at school before I used the app, but soon after I started using it I quickly got to the top of my class and really started to enjoy the language. I’m also now taking Spanish, and loving that as well!

Evie Clark , Guildford

For me the beauty of the system is that the words learn themselves, all I have to do is commit 20 minutes a day, oh, and have an open mind!. My friends in France all commented on the improvement I’ve made over the past year.

Neale McGinn, Guildford

Just to update you on my long-term results with using his method; after one year I still remember 90% of the data, so it does work. The subjects I chose were French and Geophysics, and this month I reviewed 600 facts which I  had not seen for over 6 months (one hour’s work in half a year), to give the 90% success rate. I think if I followed his “optimum review cycle” a little more closely I would achieve 95% retention, which is what Bruce said to expect…..nowadays I am just not prepared to forget 90% of what I have learned.

Alan Carmichael, Oil Company

An amazing use of modern technology! Personalised learning is catching on fast and once you have used one of these systems you will understand that there is no going back.

Gerry Sinclair, Scotland

Finally a system that actually works, that delivers learning at a rate I’ve never experienced before, and that gives you genuine long term recall and fluency.  And with it in my pocket at all times, I can use those everyday moments that are otherwise wasted, to learn a complete language!  It’s so quick and easy!

Oliver Clark, Guildford

I’ve been learning new languages for a number of years.  I’ve found that the key to being understood and understanding is having a broad enough vocabulary to recall words instantly.   Total Fluency gets to the heart of this problem by making sure you learn and remember new words, and it does that far more quickly and efficiently than any other method I’ve tried.

Robert Milnes, Haslemere

I’ve been using the Total Fluency app for eighteen months. It’s a highly efficient learning system, rather than a dictionary or language resource. I find it encourages me to use it every day, and importantly, whether I’m spending five minutes a day on it or twenty-five minutes, I’m learning new words and phrases and retaining them.
It’s a fantastic system, and whether you’re a beginner like me, a multi-lingual speaker who wants to brush up on a language, or a student revising a subject, I highly recommend it.

Jon Beecher, hove

I find the learning skills that are offered in this session unique, innovative and a breakthrough in terms of new learning methodologies. The directors’ personal capability, knowledge and talent in delivering the training also enhance the power of such learning.

Adam G. Hedayat, Calgary, Canada

Learning with the Total Fluency app is easy and uncomplicated, packed with content, well designed and encourages the user to dip into learning on a daily basis.  I love it’s simplicity and method.  My learning progress is far more effective than any language course I have ever studied.

Maggie Taylor, Shoreham

I have had the opportunity to utilise Total Fluency personally and with students.  The system has proven itself to be the most effective and efficient tool at helping retaining information that I have found.  It has proven especially effective for vocabulary, formulas and sequential processes.  It’s algorithm allowed me to maximize the retention of a lot of information while minimizing the investment of time.  The App puts the advantage of a powerful learning technology into the palm of your hands.

Kurtiss Leinweber, Teacher, Calgary

Simple, easy to use, and it works!

Cate, Hassocks

I not only particularly enjoy including your Total Fluency app in my daily routine, but positively look forward to the whole learning experience the app brings. I love your support (“not being made to feel silly”) and in fact so delighted with it that I recommended it to my daughter who is now living in Spain for a while and anxious to improve her Spanish. I have tried other well known apps but this one knocked the socks off them on all counts. I could go on enumerating the benefits and if you need more I’m happy to include them, just let me know.

Janice, Surrey

I am grateful for being exposed to these strategies on using the brain in the most effective and efficient manner. The greatest reward is seeing children have the opportunity to influence their academic achievements

Holly Metz, Teacher, Calgary, Canada

This App is great even for us over 60’s, found it very easy to use & it’s fun too, found the quiz side most helpful.

Sylvia, East Sussex