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The Total Fluency Learning System was originally designed, and has been continually refined to respond directly to students needs, ensuring each individual has the learning experience they need to succeed.  Our users feedback is therefore at the heart of what we do, and we are very proud to share with you some of our favourite testimonials.

Your opinions are important to us!  If you are a Total Fluency user and would like to provide us with your feedback, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram or email your Fluency Coach directly.

Mr. Balmer is a person of exceptional motivational qualities; his witty and invigorating speaking style is captivating; his capacity to develop ideas and look afresh at old problems is equally impressive.

Jonathan Forster

Principal, Moreton Hall

I personally both enjoyed and learnt a great deal from Bruce’s lecture and have modified my teaching techniques (a major step after 15 years!). I have tried this “faster” approach to learning and found that to a mixed ability 5th Form group I taught the whole syllabus on genetics (I am a Biologist) in 1 lesson. This is the hardest and potentially the most difficult of topics and colleagues routinely labour through it for a term. Even more surprising was their mark in the subsequent test where the average mark was over 90%; quite remarkable. As a group they have retained this knowledge and out performed their contemporaries in the mock GCSE.

Tim Dingle

Deputy Headmaster, Mill Hill School

Again, your influence was virtually instantaneous as Iain found purpose, direction and an entirely new determination to succeed. He gleefully declared: “I now know how to learn things” as he watched almost in disbelief as his moderate essay marks shot up and his multiple choice marks began to exceed the merely average. His A grade was, I believe, the direct consequence of his vastly improved attitude which, in turn, followed directly from his contact with you.

William Moffat

Economics Master

The two subjects that Bruce Balmer was engaged to teach were “Speed Learning and Retention” and “Accelerated French.” We were thoroughly satisfied and delighted with his instruction, which has provided a dramatic increase in the learning rate of our employees who use his system and at least a tenfold improvement in their ability to permanently retain information. This provides Ocelot with a tool to increase the value of our training budget by an order of magnitude!

Alan Carmichael

Geophysics Team Leader

My daughters teacher said “your French is amazing”.

Oliver Clarke

Satisfied Parent

As a result of the six one-hour sessions I have gone from the bottom of my French set to the top in about a two-month period.

Michael Simpson


Ten employees from our administration participated in five, one-hour sessions on five consecutive days. After 30 days all employees were tested on a random selection of the Excel material that was covered in the program. The average score and retention of the material was 65%.

Ray Brett

General Manger

Bruce’s innovative techniques for learning significantly changed my academics, which has impacted my whole life. I have been awarded a scholarship for the highest mark in the Science and Technology faculty of Mount Royal College, along with being placed on the Dean’s list with a GPA over 3.9 and accepted into Chiropractic College. The amazing this is that I am performing at a near 90-100% level at school at much lower stress level because I don’t have to cram for exams, since I have near total recall of the content.

Luke Rudmik


If you want a job doing correctly then Chrissi is the one to ask. A great communicator with wonderful organisational skills.

Richard Atkins

Lecturer & Teaching Fellow, University of Sussex

An amazing use of modern technology! Personalised learning is catching on fast and once you have used one of these systems you will understand that there is no going back.

Gerry Sinclair


My 4 year old son Fred could choose his own words to build into the app, choosing things we could see on our way to school, making his learning fun and building great associations with the words we learnt.  At 4 Fred was learning 2 per day, over the year keeping up with the learning of a GCSE student. 

Mother of Fred

Satisfied Parent

For me the beauty of the system is the words learn themselves, all I have to do is commit 20mins a day, oh, and have an open mind! My friends in France all commented on the improvement I’ve made over the past year.

Neale McGinn


Finally a system that actually works, that delivers learning at a rate I’ve never experienced before, and that gives you genuine long term recall and fluency.  And with it in my pocket at all times, I can use those everyday moments that are otherwise wasted, to learn a complete language!  It’s so quick and easy!

Oliver Clark


Bruce Balmer’s book “Training the Mind to Remember” is full of sound practical advice, wisdom and insight. It is the fruit of his own experience, written by someone who practices what he preaches. Written in a lively style, it is both exciting and challenging. More than just another book on memory, it deals with other areas of life including personality development. Reading it could revolutionize your life: it is likely not dramatically to increase your efficiency but also to alter your philosophy of life.

Elizabeth Valentine


I’ve been using the Total Fluency app for eighteen months. It’s a highly efficient learning system, rather than a dictionary or language resource. I find it encourages me to use it every day, and importantly, whether I’m spending five minutes a day on it or twenty-five minutes, I’m learning new words and phrases and retaining them. It’s a fantastic system, and whether you’re a beginner like me, a multi-lingual speaker who wants to brush up on a language, or a student revising a subject, I highly recommend it.

It’s so quick and easy!

Jon Beecher


Simple, easy to use, and it works!



I have been using the Total fluency method for a few months now and I have been amazed with how much my Portuguese has improved in a very short period of time. The amount of vocabulary I have retained would take years to learn in a traditional language class. Bruce and Chrissi’s enthusiasm is really infectious and they are always there to provide support if needed.

Alex Pritchard-Smith


I have used the knowledge gained in both the courses together with your book “Training the Mind to Remember” and applied them to my degree in Mechanical Engineering. My results in a set of finals were two grades higher per subject.

Robert Atton


I used the system to learn my Scuba course and passed the exam with 100%, easily. I didn’t just pass the exam, I KNEW the information. This learning system really works, and I think it could be used to learn anything to a very deep level. I love using it every day!

Stephen Schaff


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